One Coffee, Extra Creativity

Posted August 19, 2015 by swimcreativeCreative Mind

Talyn Riedesel, Copywriter

No matter your prowess as a creative, there’s just those days where the coffee will never be strong enough and 50 Hoover Dams sit between you and creative genius.

That’s when it’s time to step back and partake in some CREATIVE EXERCISES!

Now get the vision of your 6th grade art teacher out of your head and stick with me here.

It’s crazy how a few little questions or a five-minute task can wake up your whole mind and get your upstair gears up and running.

Still not sold?

Fine, I’ll go first.

This one’s taken from Caffeine for the Creative Mind, but you can find plenty examples out and about on the interwebs.

The task: create your own tombstone message. It needs to be brief and it needs to rhyme.

Talyn Riedesel
Sometimes modest–always the oddest.
Adventure called her, shitty cars stalled her.
She found zen using a pen.
A welcoming host, now a ghost.

Your turn!

After you’ve tackled that one, try some of these:

  1. Write down 10 ways to cheat on a written exam.
  2. Design the world’s greatest birdhouse.
  3. Come up with the nastiest ice cream flavor.

Share your ideas with us, especially the ice cream flavor. We’ve already patented skunk tail with asparagus.

1 thought on “One Coffee, Extra Creativity

  1. Ice Cream Flavor (after recently getting a 6 week Golden Retriever) : Puppy Poo & Peanuts

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