Weathering Duluth: Why We Live Here

Posted May 10, 2016 by Swim Creative Staff

You’d think it’d be winter, but it’s springtime in Duluth that makes me question why I live here.

Specifically, the days when it’s 35 degrees outside, when rain is slicing sideways through the air, the wind cutting through our coats, chilling our bones, that make me question my current geographic location. Then I start to dream of the sunny 20 degree days because I can no longer remember the sun in any other context. This is when I know that something must have become slightly unhinged.

Then there’s the next day: Sixty-five degrees and sunny. Everyone emerges into the light to see the sun radiating off of the landscape, making it come alive. The suddenly fluid Lake Superior glistens like a thousand tiny diamonds, the red rocks on the shore gleam with the color of earth that we haven’t seen in months, our frozen cheeks soften as they absorb vitamin D and the budding trees become a refreshing neon green.


Next day. Thirty-two degrees and raining. And gray. Ughhhhhhh.


Duluth spring is such a tease.

So, why do we live up here? Why are there any population centers north of the Windy City?

I truly believe we’re addicted—addicted to the changing seasons. We love everything that is to be seen, felt and smelt with every flip of the calendar, and we enjoy the thrill of the change. The feeling of the sand under our toes as we walk our dogs along Park Point Beach, the first whiff of crunchy leaves on the Superior Hiking Trail, the sparkle of snow-covered lights while strolling through Bentleyville and the power of a spring wind, straight off of Lake Superior, taking the breath out of our lungs. It seeps into who we are, refreshes our creative energy and engages our senses and our minds in a way I have never known, and would have never anticipated until I moved to the Northland.


The power of our home is overwhelming, and there is absolutely nothing like it. It is irreplaceable.

What’s one thing you enjoy during spring in Duluth? 

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