7 Reasons We Believe in Pro Bono Work

Posted January 27, 2015 by swimcreative

Annually, marketing and legal professionals’ pro bono services are worth over $15 billion. This pro bono, or free or reduced-rate work, equals a lot of paid hours that are going unpaid. So, why do businesses donate all that time, and consequently, money? More so, why does Swim Creative choose to give back to our community?


It all comes down to our ethics.

Be good. Swim Creative believes in pro bono. We’ve worked with many awesome nonprofits in the Twin Ports area, such as DSSO and United Way to create branding that pushes them to greater heights. That being said, we don’t pick them willy-nilly. We work with clients that we believe in and believe we can make a difference for.

Do good. While pro bono does take away from our profit margin, we love it. It’s wonderful to watch a scrappy, workhorse nonprofit get the boost it needs with some well-done branding and marketing. Seeing the smile on the youth at Life House or hearing gratitude from Safe Haven gives us the good type of shivers. We live for those moments. The moments where our work changes people’s lives, where it does good not just on a financial scale, but on a human one.

Take care of the community. When we help other organizations in the community, we are really helping the whole community succeed. The time we donate now will have a lasting effect on our city and the people who live here. This not only builds a stronger Duluth, but helps nonprofits create meaningful and helpful legacies long into the future.

Work hard. Once a nonprofit is in the system they are a client. We commit to them. We don’t delay their work, just because they’re pro bono. We hit our deadlines. To us, they are on the same level as the rest of our clients. Every client deserves our all.

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Tell the truth. If we can’t afford to do any more pro bono work, we turn them down nicely. We don’t skirt around the edges. Letting nonprofits know your decision as fast as possible gives them a better chance at preparing for the upcoming year. We’re open and honest, and they understand we can’t say yes to everything.

Only be amazing. By narrowing our pro bono clients, we can focus on doing a real kickass job. At the end of day, no matter what client, the work must work. So, we put our all into in every project we work on. This means work that we can be proud of, and more importantly, helps a wonderful cause.

Live responsibly. Last, but not least, we make sure we’re doing pro bono for the right reasons. Not to win awards, not to have more creative freedom, not to add to our portfolio. We do it because we want to help a good cause become greater. To put it simply: because it’s the right thing to do.




Speaking of pro bono, what’s the most amazing nonprofit advertising you’ve ever seen?

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