A Campaign Set for Takeoff: DIA is An Airport on the Rise

Posted September 8, 2016 by swimcreative

Impressive. Bustling. Stimulating. There’s an energy about the Duluth International Airport. An energy that is mirrored and inspired by its home, the Twin Ports.

And just like the region around it, the Duluth International Airport (DLH) is on the move. When you #flyDLH, you don’t wait in lengthy security lines. You don’t have to travel two and a half hours in traffic. Just like the region, at DLH, you keep moving.

To reinforce the connection between the airport and its robust community, Swim and DLH buddied up to create a variety of videos. Instead of touting the airport, we focused our lens on the people and places around us. Working with local businesses, big and small, we captured the “up north” trailblazing spirit.

“We created a spot that spoke to our community pride — and the beauty and the energy of the region came through organically,” said Cody Paulson, Swim’s senior art director.

The results were an anthem not only for DLH, but for all of us who are proud to be from the “Region on the Rise.”

P.S. We got to fly in a helicopter, and that was spectacular.

Full Version:

TV Version:

Landing page:


Stay tuned for the campaign to launch.

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