Entering the Googleplex: Part 1

Posted September 7, 2016 by Swim Creative Staff

Last month, Swim visited Google Headquarters in California. #lifegoals

By Swim, I mean me, Amber Ooley, and two of my team members, Ben Luoma and Tanner Blaschka. We won this trip for earning the highest percentage of increases in client mobile-friendly websites with AdWords accounts in the US and Canada.

As we were Lyft‘ing to Google, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as we passed many of the companies that originated in Silicon Valley, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel and eBay.

See the full list of notable companies here. It’s incredible!

Once we arrived at Google, it was like the first day of college all over again—an overwhelming amount of nerves and excitement all at once.

Our hosts greeted us and we kicked off the day with a gourmet breakfast at one of the many food stops on campus. I’m talking polenta with pork belly (pictured below) followed by handcrafted espresso drinks.


Next, we toured a few iconic spots and immersed ourselves with the Googlers, Newglers and Dooglers. That last one is Googlers with dogs in tow. Nice to meet a fellow dog-friendly company!


After taking selfies with a dinosaur, testing out a Google bike, strolling through the Android Garden and picking up some Google merch, we enjoyed an à la carte style lunch where Swim’r Ben spotted a celebrity: Kari Byron!




To wrap up the day, we spent a few hours recording videos at the Google Hangout Studio.

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More photos from the Googleplex:


One of the first Google Maps Street View cars.
20160825_113308 (1)
Yes, that’s a slide.

Swim Team Was Here

Thanks for the fun, Google!

Stay tuned for our next trip to Google’s San Francisco office in October, where we’ll spend a day of learning at the Mobile Workshop.


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