Behind the Scenes: Miller Hill Subaru

Posted August 2, 2017 by swimcreativeSubaru Mud Pull

Made for the North

At a Miller Hill Subaru Shoot, Subaru Pulled Its Weight — and More

The day held promise. The cloud cover had started to dissipate. After weather delays, again and again, we had to get this shoot perfect that day. Nothing could go wrong.

From the sun peeking out overhead to the shots lining up just right, everything seemed to be right on schedule. Until the farm field.

One of our shooting locations was on the other side of an acre-long farm field. A crew member led the way, driving his truck with the 2017 Subaru Forester right behind.

The truck suddenly stopped. Its wheels spun, throwing up mud. It was stuck.

Quickly, the crew member jumped out and directed us to turn around the Subaru. Then, he pulled open the trunk of the Subaru and pulled out a tow hook, screwed it into the Subaru and attached a rope in between the cars.

He jumped back in the truck and instructed our actors to start driving forward. With a couple of tugs, the Subaru pulled the one-ton pickup truck out of the pit right before our eyes.

The Subaru marketing director laughed and simply said, “There’s our commercial.”

Turns out, Subarus really are made for the north.


The Pull


The Full Commercial


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