Best Video Ads of 2016

Posted December 27, 2016 by swimcreativebestof_blog_videoads

Video advertising. It’s everywhere. Before YouTube clips, in your Facebook news feed, at the movie theater. You can’t escape them. So when one comes along that makes you stop and engulfs you in its story, it’s impressive.

These six ads did just that. Through storytelling finesse and human truths, they kept our eyes open and our nerves tingling. And didn’t make us press “Skip.”

Google – Year In Search 2016

Just try to hold back the tears at Google’s 2016 recap video.

iPhone 7: Practically Magic

Apple does it again. Beautifully shot storytelling with subtle product features. Pure perfection.

Kenzo World

Nothing stinks worse than perfume ads. Why? Because they lack soul. Typically, they’re just a (famous actress) gallivanting around (exotic city). This ad broke the mold. The girl lets her freak flag fly. And you feel her freedom every crazy step of the way.

Nike: Unlimited Will*

The pacing. The VO. The positivity. All tied together in one incredible spot for Nike.

Under Armour: Rule Yourself*

The Olympics are renowned for advertising that hits you in the feels. Despite stiff competition, this one rises to the top. It somehow sheds new light on world-famous, gajillion-medalist Michael Phelps. And inspires us to get up and go.

Local Bonus: Duluth International Airport: Region on the Rise

We’re a humble bunch (most of the time), but we’re darn proud of this work for the Duluth International Airport. Instead of highlighting the airport directly, we focused our lens on the people and places around us. We built a story around our regions trailblazing spirit and the airport’s role in supporting it. It’s a love letter to Duluth, wrapped just right.

Is this the worst list you’ve ever seen? Do you agree on all of them except still think that dancing lady was soooo weird?

Let us know. We’d love to compare lists.

*Don’t watch if you were planning to Netflix and enjoy leftover cookies tonight. You will instead spend the evening doing pushups and planning your excursion to Mount Kilimanjaro.  


1 thought on “Best Video Ads of 2016

  1. This list is killer. I 100% agree (and discovered some new favs).

    I’ve been obsessed by the Spike Jonze Kenzo spot all year.

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