Canine Health Forward Packaging

Posted October 5, 2016 by swimcreative

By now, you might have seen our Canicore branding project. If not, give it a look. We’ll wait.

Wow, you’re a fast reader. Anyway, after crafting the brand for the Two Harbors-based dog product company, the next step in the creative process was to develop the packaging for its sub-brand, Canine Health Forward, which makes dog food, supplements and health aids.

Just like before, we headed to the pet food stores. For research, and also to see if we would run into any dogs while we were there. As far as packaging goes, we found too much of the same: Words like “holistic,” “all natural,” and “grain-free” on an earthy color palette. Snooze.

We decided to give Canine Health Forward a fresh and contemporary look with plenty of airiness. With simple product ingredients, we wanted to put all the information front and center.


Canine Health Forward Icon Set



Food Packaging



Health Aid Packaging



Supplements Packaging



Informational Brochure




Ah. So airy. So refreshing. Almost feels like hanging your head out a car window.



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