Drive a Million. Be Treated Like a Million.

Posted October 11, 2016 by swimcreative

This year, from September 11 through 16, trucking companies across the country celebrated Driver Appreciation Week. Perhaps none more so than Halvor Lines. To show pride in its dedicated fleet, Halvor worked with Swim to design awards and decals that honored road warriors who had driven one million, two million, three million and four million miles. That last one? That’s around 30 years of driving. For these guys and gals, life really is a highway.

Once the project got in gear, we sought out Halvor’s brand standards. These awards had to fit in with the Halvor brand but also stand out on the road. They also had to fuel pride, camaraderie and a sense of accomplishment. We drew inspiration from highway signs and odometers. We sketched. We brainstormed. We sketched some more. Until the route was clear.

The resulting design now lives as a testament to its recipients. And looks darn good in a trophy case.

millionmiles_showcase_01 millionmiles_showcase_02 millionmiles_showcase_03 millionmiles_showcase_04 millionmiles_showcase_05 millionmiles_showcase_06

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