Hot Agency Summer… Is Over

Posted September 19, 2023 by swimcreative

And Boy was it a Doozy!

September 19, 2023

As with every Labor Day weekend, we look back and say, “Geez, what happened to summer?!”

This year is no different – however, we were able to enjoy summer a bit more with Swim’s 4-day workweek schedule. To promote a strong work-life balance while maximizing all Duluth has to offer in the summer, the Swim team was given Fridays off from Memorial Day through Labor Day in 2023. Read our HOT AGENCY SUMMER blog for more!

From kitchen remodels and DIY projects, to bike adventures and coffee dates, we did it all! Sheerah had a big summer of getting married, going on a honeymoon and spending time with her dog. Emily went to concerts and hung out with a chicken (pictured below). Steph spent quality time with her family as well as her mountain bike!

Did our staff enjoy the extra day off? Oh, you bet we did!

“My husband and I got to have a lot of coffee dates on Friday mornings.” -Sheerah Krug

“Having Fridays off allowed me to prioritize some of my hobbies.” -Emily Aarsvold

“Fridays off meant more beach days, more weekend trips and more time on bikes.” -Stephanie Dunaiski

“I started here after the Friday thing…” -Jordan Woods

Nose to the grindstone

While we are transitioning back to a typical 5-day workweek, Swim still promotes a healthy work-life balance while ensuring clients stay top priority. With fresh tans and rejuvenated minds, we are ready to continue providing the best marketing solutions possible!

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