How To Reach The Millennial Customer

Posted March 26, 2015 by Swim Creative Staff

Millennials, myself included, are bringing a new challenge to advertising. As the generation grows larger than the baby boomers, brands need to understand how to talk to us–and with us. Currently, we make up 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2020, that will rise to 46%. Not only are we growing, we are breaking all the rules of traditional advertising.

We don’t have landlines and half of us don’t own a TV. Our hands are glued to our cell phones, we seek news on Twitter and post way too many selfies on Instagram. Who knows where the word came from, but we love to blog. And vlog. We enjoy sharing our experiences with the world, even if only our moms are reading it.

Basically: traditional media won’t cut it with us. You’re better off trading in the Yellow Book and newspaper inserts for search marketing, social advertising and videos.

Where to reach millennials:

  • Social Media
  • Entertainment / Community Events
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Video

Once you’ve figured out where to talk to us, you have to figure out how to talk to us.

For us, memories trump materials. Seventy-eight percent of us would rather spend money on a desirable experience than buy coveted goods. Who needs new underwear, anyway?

We have passions and follow those who share our ideals. We support those who support others. So figuring out our values is VITAL.

No matter the product, sharing items that we connect with on a personal level garners the most attention. Sometimes you have to share things that have nothing to do with your product and everything to do with your customer. Whatever media we are connecting on, entertain us with pop culture, fun facts and the good things your brand is doing.

Once you have our attention and you’ve proven your brand’s worthiness, there’s a good chance you’ve got us for life.

That’s where the golden keyword in millennial advertising comes in: Brand Evangelist. They are your best friends, and your strongest sales people.

Did you know 51% of us trust user-generated content over information on a company website when looking for information about a brand or product?

Keep them happy and positive reviews and recommendations will follow.

Bottom line:

  1. Whether it’s Starbucks or The Color Run, be where we are.
  2. Give us an experience. Entertain us.
  3. Keep us happy: connect with us on our level and our values.



Amber Ooley is the Media Strategist and Socialista at Swim Creative. She understands why things like hashtags, likes and having a social media strategy are important to any business. She’s also a certified Google Partner and a pro at research and organization. Follow her on Twitter.


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