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Posted September 28, 2015 by Swim Creative Staff

This post is part of a series around October’s theme, Mobile: An exploration of how this word permeates our work and lives in 2016.

It’s 2 p.m. You’ve managed to fill a few pages with ideas. You’re on a roll. You feel like Leo shouting, “I’m king of the wooorld!” from the Titanic. Just then, a self-doubt cold front moves in to veer you off course. That familiar mental roadblock pops up like a giant iceberg and says, “There are no new ideas. Everything you’ve thought of has already been done before. What makes you think you’re any good at this at all?” Sometimes you can shake off the inner monologue and get back to what you were doing. Other times, it takes a little more to fight that sinking feeling.

I’m a big fan of getting outside of the office every now and then—whether you’re dealing with a case of imposter syndrome or you just need a different perspective. Going mobile, to work or just to step out of your own mind, is a great mental reset.

I’ve started to notice my fellow Swim’rs appreciate a change of scenery, too. Every so often, someone will duck out and take a lap around the block. Blame it on Duluth’s fresh air and general zen-like attitude. Whatever it is, it seems to be working.

After a quick office poll (shoutout to the people who respond to my emails), here’s how the Swim Team takes work mobile:

“The Lakewalk. Not sure if it’s the ships or the people watching, but I find myself tuning into a podcast and eventually, I’ll take out my Notes App and start jotting down ideas that come to mind.” -Amber

“UMD Library. During college, this was a place where I went to write, research, read and think. I still find it helpful for finding focus. The quietness helps me clear my mind while the campus location brings me enjoyable nostalgia. The Tweed Museum is also just down the hall, and is a great source for finding inspiration.” -Max

I just set up a pretty cute home office for working remotely. Other than that, I really enjoy working from Snooty Fox Tea Shop.” -Ben

So, my question is, where do you go to get out of your own head?

Photo credit: Cody Paulson/Port City Supply Co. 

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